#digped Storify: Assessing Assessment

#digped Storify: Assessing Assessment

The most recent #digped conversation covered questions of the value of grading. The focus was in a higher-ed environment. At times, participants challenged the very definition of ‘assessment’ and explored questions about the future of grading, grades, and assessment practices. This was a conversation intended to wrap up the year in Hybrid Pedagogy, and incite a rather controversial discussion on a topic we think about a lot: assessment. We wanted to ask ‘why’ we grade. We wanted to talk about ‘how’ people grade, and what they do to intrinsically motivate their students.

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Valerie Robin (@vrobin1000) is Senior Editor for Hybrid Pedagogy and PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at Georgia State University. Her work involves Visual and Digital Rhetoric with an emphasis in temporality and material theories, and value construction. Her personal web site can be found at vrobinphd.com.

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