#digped Storify: Teaching Naked

#digped Storify: Teaching Naked

On Friday, June 8, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a discussion on Twitter focused on the subject of “teaching naked” as presented in Paul Fyfe’s article “Digital Pedagogy Unplugged“. We thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at the ways in which all classrooms are necessarily both digital and analog, in-person and virtual. Inspired by the notion that we might be able to re-imagine digital pedagogy “without the potentially limiting factor of electronics,” we set out to discuss what the truly hybrid classroom was made of.

The discussion started off with a quick review of some of the participants’ favorite educational tech – from Google Docsand Weebly to smart boards and chalk boards. But the conversation quickly moved from the purely technological to the theoretical and practical. Our discussion of tools led us to explore how we use those tools for teaching.

About the Author

Sean Michael Morris (@slamteacher) is the co-Director of Hybrid Pedagogy. He considers himself a digital agnostic, and allies himself with adjuncts, students, and others who are contingent to the enterprise of higher education. His personal website can be found at seanmichaelmorris.com.

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